Carpet – Elegant, comfortable and beautiful tactile, Carpet has and always will be a requirement in people’s homes. Carpet comes in many styles and fibres, all giving the home comfort and warmth. 

Carpet is well known for durability and also been a noise reducing and insulating product. 

Carpets can suit all budgets from updating your own home to refreshing a rental.

It pretty much comes down to your style, budget and particular projects in mind.

Hard Flooring (Timber, Laminate) 

Flooring can be a place to either splurge or save some money.

This depends on what plan you have for your flooring, If you are going to be using this for a rental property you would like to look for a waterproof option with plenty of stability and long durability, there for heading more towards a Laminate or a Hybrid floor.

If you will be using the Hard flooring for your own home and you and your family’s enjoyment then luxury is the key, look at a high-end laminate hybrid or a beautiful natural oak or natural timber floor.

A natural Timber floor gives an irreplaceable real feel and the investment in them returns the dividends to the value and perception of the quality of your home.

So, whether your splurging or saving you’re sure to find an option that elevates the look and feel of your home or rental property.



Hybrid is the latest style of 100% waterproof flooring. 

Hybrid has the strength of a laminate and the softness of a vinyl.

Having no timber composite this mean no swelling peaking or lifting of the floor due to no moisture retention.

Hybrid is the first rigid floating floor product that can be installed throughout the entire home without any expansion joints, giving the floor a seamless look.

Hybrid flooring is wonderful for children and pets, no spills or accidents are an issue.


Vinyl Sheet/ Vinyl Planks

Vinyl sheet comes in 2 meters wide and 4 meters wide so ideal for kitchens when on a budget. Vinyl Sheet has the look of a timber floor and also can come in the look of a tile.

Vinyl Planks are individual planks of vinyl designed to imitate a timber floor.

Vinyl in both planks and sheet are durable soft and easy to maintain.

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